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...idiot..." i pulled out my phone and called the idiot named Demyx and he answered in a "im busy" tone. " "hey IDIOT, how do i Roxas' POV After i went to my room, i just sat on my bed and spaced out while flipping through T. as i rolled my eyes, i sighed and got up to answer the continuous annoying knocking. If I do, I may take down all previous chapters and either keep the story concept and change the characters, or I may just keep the original title and completely change the story. i dont know how many times i flipped through each channel when a knock at my door took me out of my deep spacing out. They said I was lazy and needed a stress-less kind of exercise..least they were listening when I said sports are painful to the joints.

i dont know how many times i flipped through each channel when a knock at my door took me out of my deep spacing out. "your mom let me I am thinking about if I should continue my Cold Night Rain series. My parents had convinced (or rather forced) me to take swimming lessons.

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I need someone who has that zest for life and a constant hard on in the bedroom.

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when they adjusted, he didnt recognize anything that was around him. He started to freak out and look around the room frantically. Axel quickly sat up and looked around to see where this happened. When Axel got out of the car, he noticed that Roxas wasn’t there. Axel and Roxas didn't realize that they were the only one's left and it was starting to get colder. "I've been crying ever since I even started TALKING about my dad you idiot...." Roxas couldn't help but l Axel looked at the clock.

After a minute he stood up fast and began to walk to only trip over the blanket and fall onto the floor with a very loud crash. When he heard Roxas, he looked on the floor to see a blonde laying in an a The car ride was very quiet and the whole time, Roxas was blushing a bright pink. they had just been talking and had gotten to know eachother a little more. " Axel leaned in a little close as he stupidly asked that question.

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