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On one episode hosted by Jim Carrey, Carrey played legendary actor James Stewart, while regular cast member Mark Mc Kinney played Carrey.Pesci and Stewart teamed up to beat up Carrey, with Stewart going on to beat up Pesci himself.The sketch spawned a film titled, A Night at the Roxbury.Goat Boy was a half-human half-goat hybrid SNL character who hosted the fake MTV show, "Hey, Remember the 80s? At the outset, Goat Boy was a typical veejay-talk show host who would introduce 80s video clips and guests from the era.The real Pesci and De Niro appeared on one episode, criticizing Breuer for playing caricatures of their film characters.

"), prompting an angry Tomei to state she won it fairly and storm off the set.The Fops would appear in late restoration period clothing, and used a silly take on the period's language, mannerisms, and culture, not sparing the subsequent perversion also known for the time. Most of his "news" included family problems and neighborhood gossip.Joe Blow regularly concluded his commentary by asking anchor Norm Macdonald if he would join him for "a beer", which Macdonald (who clearly did not want to socialize with him) would avoid by making up an excuse, or putting it off until a later date. Gary Macdonald was the fictitious younger brother of anchor Norm Macdonald.They were frequently joined by a third person, often the host, who would dress and act in a similar fashion (notably Tom Hanks, Jim Carrey, Sylvester Stallone, Martin Short, and Alec Baldwin); this character was usually credited as "Barhop".Skits starring Pamela Anderson and Cameron Diaz were also featured.

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