Jim and jon hager dating

They lived close together through all of their lives (except for a 3 1/2 year separation), and died eight months apart in 20.

Not many gay kids looked to Hee-Haw for role models. In addition to Hee-Haw, Jim and Jon starred in the tv movie Twin Detectives (1976), about twin detectives, and on a 1978 episode of The Bionic Woman, as evil twin clones from another planet.

He died on January 9, 2009 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

Read the question "How do you know if you are gay"…

In glittery, rhinestone-enlaced costumes, like country-western Liberaces?

Who sang mournful songs about cheating girlfriends and absent wives, but never married and were never seen with women?

Yet posed nude (and coyly hidden) in Playgirl in 1973?

Who released singles like "Gotta Get to Oklahoma (Cause California's Getting to Me)" and an album entitled Motherhood, Apple Pie, and the Flag, yet had a fast-paced, self-deprecating comedy routine, like a country-western Sonny and Cher?

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