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But fear was rife among the Druze, and for six years following their leader's disappearance, they hid.In an event arranged by the International Committee of the Red Cross inseven Druze brides in elaborate white gowns crossed the Israel-Syrian border to marry bridegrooms in the Golan Heights, according to a report in the Jewish Bulletin of Northern California.Despite this, a long and complicated number of coups and upheavals continued in Syria and Lebanon.The body is washed and dressed in the finest clothes.Other Druze, known as the juhhal "the unenlightened"are not permitted to access the religion's six holy books but are given a simplified outline of their faith in the form of a strict code of moral and ethical behavior.Marriage is expected of all Druze women at a relatively early age, usually between 17 and 21 years, although a few marry as early as 15 years of age.

In the past, men were given Muslim names such as Mahmud, Ali or Muhammad; now, a Druze boy is more likely to be called Samir, Samih, Amin or Fawzi, names of no particular religious significance.

Bodies are interred druze dating vrij ground, druze dating vrij by monuments ranging from the very simple to the highly elaborate.

BIRTH The birth of a baby, especially a son, is cause for celebration, with a typical gathering including family members and friends and gift giving.

The Druze favor lamb but also eat chicken and beef.

Tibawi wrote, "The Druze are a deceitful and truculent race who, under changed conditions, professed themselves to be Muslims with the same readiness that they declared themselves Protestants.

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