Isha sesay dating

Just passing by Kenya to access Uganda was enough exposure of Isha. Just a stroll at the hotel lobby, she fell into the dragnet of the Sunday Nation that grilled her for an interview. As she reported the function that brought her there, a Ugandan newspaper, Sunday Monitor was busy at her trail reporting her. And in that story is embedded her view about life and success.

It is being reported by the Des Moines Register that AC is going to travel to Iowa this week to do a field report on the Great Ape Trust.Some memories of her career keep her upbeat, yet, she does not in any way see herself as accomplished in the job.In the recesses of her memory she has fond recalls of the top assignments she has handled, and one of them is coverage of a crisis in Iraq last year.So, for Isha it’s just one lucky guy to spend her private time with.Yet, with her journey so far, she feels she is just commencing the task.

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