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That’s how you…But if you missed your chance to impress a girl at that moment.

If her first impression of you is neutral, meaning she doesn’t have an opinion of you, neither good nor bad, you’re a “Maybe” in her pretty little head, you can still tip the scale to your favor.

Knowing your own personal stumbling block that’s hindering you from attracting women is always a good place to start.

Whatever it is, you can be sure you can get better at it if you have the right source of information.

And she obviously has the hots for you, you’re a big “Yes” in her mind, then of course you proceed to the next step.

And if you’re serious about learning how to attract women, that “chance” is all you need.

You will know what signs you can expect to see if a girl is attracted to you which, you won’t get to see if you’re not consciously uncovering them.

For now, what you need to understand is you need to have these skills.

On the other hand, if you got her interested within that split second.

Even if a girl happens to like what she sees and you pass that initial hurdle during those crucial split second, she won’t do anything about it…

that is exactly what happens when you don’t take advantage of that less-than-a-second chance you’ve been given to get a girl to form a strong opinion of you.

You get one chance to capture someone’s fancy, most of the time.

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