Intimidating personality meaning

Here are some factors that may be running in the background when we think others are intimidating: 1.

A consequence of unconscious bias — Racial stereotypes, gender, institutionalized racism, sexism, antisemitism, and other forms of bias may motivate others to label a person as intimidating when they are not.

People who are effective intimidators attempt to avoid justice (and sometimes they succeed); sometimes they act solo, and sometimes they band together to protect their own interests.

Calling out intimidation in more specific ways can be hazardous to one’s career, reputation, and well-being.

So, when someone finds us intimidating, they may do so because we are intimidating—whether we know it or not.

Counterintuitively, others’ experiences of us as intimidating may say more about us than they do about them.

How do we talk about emotionally challenging issues with each other in the “here-and-now,” when we often have limited access to our own unconscious process?

Many people tend to communicate defensively, especially when feeling nervous and threatened.

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—Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Intimidation is a hidden undercurrent in many of our relationships, ranging from subtle and uncertain to clear and abusive.Identifying true intimidation isn’t always straightforward There are times, however, when we believe the other person is intimidating.More accurately, we feel intimidated, and we either have no idea at all that we feel this way, or we may have only an intellectual understanding, leaving our deeper, more influential feelings and attitudes hidden. Many people tell me that I am intimidating or unapproachable. Things about me that contribute to this are: Resting B*itch Face Being a plus size black woman (shouldn’t matter, but it does).Speaking my mind and pointing out when someone is out of line. I try to do this to disarm people, but ummm some people can’t keep up, lol!

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