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Polish Girl4U has a small yet dedicated membership base.

Over 60,000 men around the world have signed up seeking romance, and the dating site is always seeking to bring in more Polish women to meet that need.

I could create a place on the internet where Polish girls can find a man and vice versa,'” he said.

Maciej decided then and there to begin working on a dating site designed to connect Polish women with men living in Europe and abroad.

He and his wife fought fairly often, so he spent many of his evenings out of the house and at the local pub.

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Users can search for potential matches by name, age, or city.Women can sign up to the dating site and use all its features for free, so there is no barrier between them and a new connection.The women on the site range in age from 25 to 65, but the majority are in their 30s and 40s.They talked about their lives and their jobs, but mostly they talked about love.The stranger said he didn’t love his wife, and he wished he could meet someone who would create that spark that lasts a lifetime.

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