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It’s also because the brothel will serve as an arm of the cult.“The goal of Eve’s as an aspect of Unicult is to spread matriarchal change through AI and robots,” Unicron, who works as a copywriter, told The Daily Beast.Unicult’s rainbow-laden website describes it as a social framework for “curious, healing, growing people” who want to “question the world and their realities.” It operates primarily online, and it’s unclear how often the members actually meet in person.Of course, there's a difference between "common" and "I'll do it," but there, too, a lot of people were on board.About 24 percent of men said they'd consider sex with robots if it were possible -- significantly more than the 9 percent of women in that camp. Sex already is a charged issue even before you take humans out of the equation, and it's The You Gov survey shows the issue is unsettled.

Since the first sex robot premiered last year, erotic entrepreneurs have been trying to profit off the expensive new technology by renting the dolls out by the hour.

(An FAQ on the website says members work primarily on their “internal states” in order “to create the best reality possible for them.”) The aim, according to the website, is to elevate members to a state of “near-constant joy” while simultaneously educating them on “the interconnection between their joy and global joy.”Unicron says Unicult has received more than 1,000 completed applications—a four-page questionnaire that can largely be answered with “Yes, No, or IDK,” according to a Motherboard reporter who applied in 2016.

The application costs , and Unicron says it is the only fee for lifetime membership.

right now, but after another half century, it'll be awfully darn ordinary, Americans think.

Forty-nine percent of US adults think robot sex will be common in 50 years, according to a You Gov survey of 1,146 US adults published Monday.

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