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The main problem was not the drifting apart of natural seasons and calendar dates; this was too slow to be an issue for any particular generation, and as long as it was the same everywhere, no-one seemed to mind.

The issue that bothered the Church of Rome was that Easter was supposed to fall on the first Sunday after the first full moon, on or after the spring equinox (March 21st).

The slippage of the seasons meant that it usually did not, and this apparent error in the practice of the Christian world was becoming an embarrassment.

In 1582 Pope Gregory XIII corrected this in a bull, or edict.

The Roman calendar in his day had got badly out of synch with the heavens, so much so that the rites of the spring equinox in March were happening before the winter solstice in December.

Caesar, using his dictatorial powers, put in one year of 446 days to bring all to rights, and then instituted the current system of twelve-month, 365-day years with a leap year every fourth year.

On one reasonable calculation, Christ was born in the year 1 BC, which means the millennium would indeed fall in the year 2000, on Christmas day.

Measuring time The basic thing to understand about the calendar is that it is a human, not a natural, construction. We take our time from the movements of the heavens.

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The more you look at these questions, the more complicated they get.

The day, at least, is universally recognised on earth. The week of seven days is a purely human invention, with no equivalent in the motions of the heavens; its widespread use testifies only to the enormous influence on history of the ancient Babylonians, who invented it.

The month is roughly lunar, but only roughly; a lunar month is 29-and-a-half days, and there are twelve-and-a half lunar months in a year.

The approach of the Millennium has created a wave of interest in the history of the calendar. Rational people can become quite rigid on the millennium issue.

You don't have to go very far into these arguments to realise that mathematical solutions have their limits.

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