Heidi montag dating

There's nothing going on in this scene—literally nothing—but people were riveted. According to reports, 3.9 million people tuned in to the spring 2008 premiere of and an additional 5 million watched the episode online.

Remember, this was before the era of streaming: You had to go home and catch a TV show when it aired.

the influencers—appearing on every red carpet, on every tabloid magazine cover, and at every nightclub in the early aughts.

This was when paparazzi and Perez Hilton decided what mattered each week, and It's mostly the same cast, give or take—subtract Lauren and Kristin; add, somewhat curiously, Mischa Barton—but they're on a different playing field.

"I feel like our fans can really relate [to this new show] because they're from our generation," she says. Like, made her cry." Port responds, blankly, "Are you serious?" with the type of cadence you'd employ while reading a cereal box.Then, she went to LA and got a chance to feature in the Laguna Beach spin-off series as the leading cast member.With all her dedication and hard work in her profession, she has been able to maintain a net worth of 0 thousand. She married her long term boyfriend, Spencer William Pratt. However, they faced lots of ups and downs in their relationship.

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