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If a text or call goes unanswered for a few hours, you aren’t being ignored. When you and your date have spats, 99.9% of the time it will involve OTP disagreements. Mind your Ps and Qs when getting introduced to your significant other’s shelf. If your relationship with the bibliophile progresses to where you two actually share a living space, be prepared to run out of space.Your book nerd just reached a plot twist and they can’t have any distractions. Books will piled and hoarded on every available surface, and no you can’t toss some out to make room for your stuff.Perhaps you’re pursuing a book nerd (excellent choice, by the way) or you’re a book nerd yourself, trying to teach your significant other bookish dating habits.Either way, the Epic Reads love doctor will see you now.When you meet a girl in the Manga aisle at a comic book store, Smith rightfully asserts that “It’s cool that you’re so into graphic novel, do you? Similarly, Chapter 5 (“First Contact”) features a “First Date Simulator” with multiple choice answers to help guide the geek towards more appropriate conversations and answers.Some guys genuinely don’t see anything wrong with insulting a woman or questioning her geek credibility (pick-up culture refers to this method as “negging”), but Smith’s fun, video game guide-style anecdote might communicate the right ideas to these guys in a language they can understand.If you love this book nerd, then you must love their book collection too because if you give them the “It’s either me or the books!” ultimatum, there’s a 99.99% chance we will choose books every single time.

In fact, it’s so spot-on and utterly enjoyable that I think it should be up there with Please don’t take that to mean that I think this book is brilliant, revolutionary, and/or mindblowing-ly imaginative. And of course it’s non-fiction, which already makes it a strange and unfair comparison to those aforementioned tomes.Because sometimes, cosplay creeps (and other fine purveyors of horribly inappropriate social interactions) are not malicious, and are genuinely unaware of just how awful their behavior is.But in , Eric Smith finds lots of fun and clever ways to address some typically problematic “geek” behaviors. ”), Smith offers some suggestions for alternative ways for geeks to start conversations with women, depending on the location that you meet.This is why I genuinely think this book is so important for right now.The information contained within the book is nothing new or revolutionary, but it’s presented in a way that is clear and enjoyable—and more importantly, in a way that can actually break through.

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