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In fact, some would say they enjoy this process of mixing since getting to know the different cultures, languages and practices of others is an exciting thing in itself and it widens each ones perspective of the world, possibly influencing ones view for the better. Unconventional and a solution oriented way of thinking might mean NOT following the norm.

No one ever thought of using "light bulbs" instead of candles, except that one person did.

No one ever thought humans would be able to fly faster than the speed of sound except one person did.

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In fact, the only general rule about us is that we are all a big conundrum, a puzzle no one can fully piece together.Most everyone can say "blah blah" this or "blah blah" that, but it's the person who usually doesn't say anything much but automatically goes into action is the one who really knows what's happening and his actions will address the situation appropriately and with care.Individuals of this manner are few and far in between and meeting one is a great privilege indeed.Not very favorable odds for anyone, except Shaquille I guess but you know what they say: The bigger they are, the harder they fall. The more kinds you have in your soup, the better it tastes.We all make up this big melting pot of different nationalities and success or failure of an endeavor isn't dependent on this mix of different people and cultures.

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    amazed myself: she did not analyze the situation as in previous sessions, it worked only intuition, some genetic stability as a survival instinct, she just knew what to do and what not to do and how.

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    Twist and turn and push and it certainly didn’t make any sense. I leaned forward and grasped a sweet free couples webcam in each other’s mouths.