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The basic feature of my character kindness, I count, That it should be present at each person.Since that year I work in Kirov in children's urban hospital.I look back, and I see, that my former life was not so bad.It would be desirable to tell some words about my family.I never got acquainted under the Internet and through sites of acquaintances, but have decided to try.I hope that I have correctly made a choice, sending the letter to you.It is important for me in music that music had good rate and sense of words.My written English is not so good, but I very easy can speak in English.

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It is a weird, but doctors and nurses are in high demand all over the world, but not here in Russia :-0 It?

The most favourite kind of sports volleyball, in the winter I to like to skate.

It - my first experience of acquaintance through The Internet, but this way very much loved me, as in me answered Once with the man, who loved me.

Now I work as a nurse at the hospital and live in the city of Cheboksary.

My parents and relatives live here in Russia as well.

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