George williams dating scammer

He said he was Terry Williams and gave me the username (@Terificial) for his main account. He later said that Rachel, a girl who was still in her teens, was living with him and Nathan.

The girl was the daughter of a late friend of his, and she had lung cancer. I thought I could trust him under the new arrangement. The first week of March 2018 he said he was flying to Nigeria – Exxon-Mobil wanted him under contract to supervise drilling there.

The real General Campbell has a daughter (Jennifer) and a son (John, Jr.) who is not "Jamie." I even found where the real Campbell family lives.

They are in Virginia, not Miami, Florida, as he claimed.

"We cannot stress enough that people need to stop sending money to persons they meet on the Internet and claim to be in the U. military," said Chris Grey, Army CID's spokesman. "We have even seen instances where the Soldier was killed in action and the crooks have used that hero's identity to perpetrate their twisted scam," said CID Special Agent Matthew Ivanjack, who has fielded hundreds of calls and emails from victims.

He said that his money was all put into his son's name, and his son was not old enough yet to make a financial transaction.

I had mentioned a conversation with a scammer who was asking me about watches I own, and "John" said for me to sell my late aunt's diamond watch so I could get the money for his plane ticket.

He was a gentleman, discussed politics, events in the news, Q posts going on at the time, and was always supportive of my interest in current events.

I asked him what his rank was, and he told me he was a general.

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    As her parents were gymnasts, she was always hanging around in the gym, and they were the major inspiration to her.