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When I was 20, there was a lot of talk (especially in Christian circles) about gleaning wisdom from our grandparents and those nearing the end of their lives. After having spent the last decade belonging to various churches, and even working for 7 years at a megachurch, I have been involved in more than my share of conversations about how people “do church” (an oxymoron of a catchphrase in itself, since the church is the people, right? Thanks to the church, I have come to know Christ and have my life completely changed for the better. Any organizational expert would tell you that a church is one of the hardest organizations to organize and lead well, but year after year people keep with it, and do so with lots of selflessness, mistakes, hope, doubt, and love. But in terms of social justice, one person’s individual efforts can make a tremendous difference in someone’s quality of life halfway around the world.But while I adore spending time with that generation and have much to learn from them, I’ve noticed that some of the best mentors in life seem to be those just steps ahead. This is one thing that has been hard for me to learn. And when jobs, homes, marriages, babies, or changes, and individual friendships or social groups begin to shift, my tendency is always to cling to how things have been and work to maintain the same level of depth or social rhythms. And friendships can have their seasons, and that’s a good thing too. And thanks to the church, I’ve been hurt and seen many of its flaws and failures way too close-up. And thanks to modern technology and travel, you can now witness that with your own eyes and build a relationship with that person. …changed by every wave, my faith is like shifting sand, so I’ll stand on grace.” Little did I know when I learned this line from a Caedmon’s Call song in college how true it would ring. It will be a gift to those around you, and most importantly, to yourself. I’d much rather meet someone through a friend, or my favorite coffee shop. If you’re feeling the redecorating itch, hop over to Home Depot and pick up a gallon of paint. So if you’re passionate about something, don’t be snob. But whoever invented gummy vitamins is freaking brilliant.It’s way cheaper than buying new furnishings or accessories, only takes an afternoon to complete, and will completely transform the space into something new. One third of the population now identifies themselves as introverts – myself included. You may not be the most popular kids on the block in high school, but your time will come. Never make big decisions (or write important emails) after 9pm. Thanks to them, I happily look forward to eating my little bears and getting extra nutrients every day. One person really can make a difference…for better and worse.

From nights out, to trips, to cups of coffee, to more work than renting. The longer you wait, the more excuses you’ll have to keep waiting. My pastor once said that going to therapy should be considered a spiritual discipline. For all of the time and attention we give to our physical health and wellness, the same attention is needed to keep our minds and hearts on track. Could probably write a book on some of the amusing dates I have been on, and an even better book on how to write your dating profile. I am very clearly a “3”, and learning more about that has been like a year’s worth of therapy bottled into a few books. I’m all for people developing thoughtful and even strong opinions on a host of topics.

But my unattractivness doesnt make me a bad person. We need to stop selling the myth that everyone can have romantic love or that its nesscary for one to have a happy life.

From the bestselling author of The Silent Wife, The Woman I Was Before is a book about the things we hide from those closest to us – and the terrible consequences that keeping those secrets can have. I was hooked from the very first page.’ Write Escape ‘A compulsive read about secrets, lies, and the complexities of families.’ Bloomin’ Brilliant Books ‘What a great novel this is!

They believe that this is a natural right.”If there hasn’t been enough written about the differences between men and women, we can see it right here.

Women rarely, if ever, murder strangers out of rage, but I have never heard of any woman wanting to destroy men because she can’t get laid.

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