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An Ivory Coast international between 20, Drogba captained the national team from 2006 until his retirement from the Ivory Coast team and is the nation's all-time top goalscorer with 65 goals He was part of the Ivory Coast teams that reached the final of the Africa Cup of Nations in 20, but were beaten on penalties on both occasions.He is the all-time top scorer and former captain of the Ivory Coast national team.kasart1964 ( AM): no kids totosexy5 ( AM): cool totosexy5 ( AM): do you live alone ?kasart1964 ( AM): yes kasart1964 ( AM): i have a apartment kasart1964 ( AM): i am sueing the guy i bought a house from kasart1964 ( AM): i had a house at one time in other words totosexy5 ( AM): what happened ?You have to get the info from them to post and file with the FBI. totosexy5 ( AM): just came online totosexy5 ( AM): u?kasart1964 ( AM): i have been online fo a little while doing work kasart1964 ( AM): so do you go to church? kasart1964 ( AM): i go to first chirstians kasart1964 ( AM): i like the calvery churches also totosexy5 ( AM): i am a catholic kasart1964 ( AM): thats good totosexy5 ( AM): so what do you do for a living ?totosexy5 ( AM): yesz but they live in germany kasart1964 ( AM): lol kasart1964 ( AM): boy people move around totosexy5 ( AM): yes totosexy5 ( AM): my late parents started the art business ] totosexy5 ( AM): what do you like in a woman ?

totosexy5 ( AM): i sell ivoary, carving , wood works, paintings, weaving, sculptors and gold kasart1964 ( AM): here i will show you some of mine ok? kasart1964 ( AM): i do all types of things when i have time kasart1964 ( AM): mostly i work out with swords totosexy5 ( AM): really ?kasart1964 ( AM): no never married kasart1964 ( AM): gave up on looking for someone after kasart1964 ( AM): terry kasart1964 ( AM): have not even had a girl friend in about 5 years or so kasart1964 ( AM): and you same?totosexy5 ( AM): i am sarah totosexy5 ( AM): i am single, no kids and never married totosexy5 ( AM): u got kids ?kasart1964 ( PM): i there nice totosexy5 ( PM): a female photographer totosexy5 ( PM): thanks alot kasart1964 ( PM): what time is it there?kasart1964 ( PM): what are you going to do when you get bck sweetie?

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