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Sometimes it does come to personality clashes.” Do couples find it hard to ‘tell’ an older person what to do?“It depends on the chemistry between family and granny,” says Hansen.

They’re mainly motivated by a wish to get to know another country. They feel fit enough to work with a family and to use their skills. Many are nurses or kindergarten teachers and are not yet grannies in real life. They’re nurturing and quite a lot are in a couple — we’ve seen husbands visit while they’re with the family.” Advantages of an older au pair include dependability. They can weather all kinds of issues with young children — illness, minor accidents. They know a lot of games, baking, cooking and crafting.” Granny au pair duties include helping with childcare, meals and light housework, bringing kids to school and babysitting one or two evenings a week.

General guidelines relating to planning permission are available on Citizens In general, planning permission is not required if the extension does not increase the original floor area of the house by more than 40 square metres and is not higher than the house.

However, planning permission will be needed if the granny flat is intended to be a stand-alone dwelling.

However, just as with younger au pairs, grannies and families occasionally clash.

“A mature woman in your home may have her own ideas about bringing up children.

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