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After I'd bought it I decided it must be that they were all probably former strippers and porn stars who had decided to stick to what they knew to supplement their old age pensions.

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I don't even know why I bought the magazine the first time.Without really meaning to I found my rock-hard cock in my hand as I stared at Carol, 66, from Manchester, and a couple of minutes later I spoilt one of the best pictures of her when a big gobbet of jism landed right across it. I still didn't really understand it, but I found these ladies incredibly sexy.I started to buy every edition of the magazine and even to look for glamorous granny type websites, of which there are thousands.Featuring scenes and discussions of a pretty graphic nature, the grannies and their younger lovers described their antics and their fetishes in minute detail and we were even treated to some of them in costumes they wear while preparing for their lovin’.One particular Nanna even gave us a look at her tattooed nipple. Nanna Love: Fifty Shades Of Granny saw uber-cougars aged between 80 and their early 90s who had up to 30 lovers.

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