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No further tools are needed, to trigger this rescue function.

Procedure, to boot into rescue partition: Supported by newer Linksys devices Most newer devices (mostly those with decent amount of flash ROM) have 2 independent firmware partitions.

Most of the 1st Gen Time Capsules failed after 2-3 years of use because of a power supply issue.

There were any number of articles that appeared on that subject.

I'm using a new Mi Band 3 and tried the first firmware update from original v2.3.0.2 to v2.3.0.6 and to v2.3.0.28. The FW transfer is working to 100% but than my Mi Band 3 says "update failed".

The general theme of the TC complaints of failure is baed around overheating and the failure of capacitors, I have lived a life of blissful ignorance!

I had recently updated the time capsule hard drive so I'm in a better position than previously and failure is a low risk.

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In any case, power supply failure doesn't mean the hard disk will die, so the data would possibly be salvageable should it be worth the effort.

My data is spread over a range of storage areas which include NAS RAID, there is usually three places where all data exists which includes the fault tolerant storage under RAID.

But yes, hard disks do fatigue over time and are prone to failure.

This rescue functions can be used to recover a failed flash update (no matter if the failed flash was vendor firmware or Open Wrt) or recover from an otherwise dead device, as long as the device hardware and the rescue function is still intact.

These rescue partitions do consume a tiny piece of the flash, but renders a device mostly unbrickable.

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