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Here’s how it works; you sign in, and create a profile that’s basically just a selfie, and after that your mission is to find someone near you who wants to hookup.Each post you make is like a shoutout about you, and it lasts one hour; users near you will see your selfie, and if they’re interested you’ll be sent a notification and you can set up a meeting time if you like them back. Not everyone is into casual sex, and if you’re the type to date people long-term, I’d recommend downloading Coffee Meets Bagel.

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Whether you are looking for someone to shag, someone to bring home to mom, or someone to date for the time being, you’ve come to the right place; we are going to discuss the best apps for each of these three relationships. Hookups are meant to be discreet and unknown to those not involved, and this app takes that to heart.

If you want to date someone officially, Tinder isn’t the app you’re looking for; that would be Coffee Meets Bagel - Tinder is meant for those looking to have a casual relationship with someone they’d rather not take home to mom, so make sure you get that straight.

There are too many dating apps out there too count, and a lot of them do the same thing, blatantly copying each other.

CMB might not be as refined as other dating apps, but rather than select random people from a pool based on characteristics they have, CMB takes friends of your friends, and recommends people to date out of that pool based on what you want in a partner.

The catch with CMB is that you only get one bagel per day, so you’ll need to come back to the app each day if you don’t get a great recommendation right away.

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