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These dates will help you bond over shared experiences no matter how far apart you are. Shared experiences are what you need to stay close. You need to add depth to the limited ways you can connect.Plus, shared experiences will give you things to talk about and memories to cherish.From social networking to email and voice or video calls, technology users have choices.

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Technology, in LDRs, can be a beautiful, beautiful thing.

If you have Facetime or Skype on your phone, go see a psychic or fortune teller to learn about your future!

Take it with a grain of salt and treat it like a fun shared experience, not a prescription for your lives together.

Just remember to focus on the happiness of being “together” instead of the sadness associated with being far apart. This one takes a little bit of planning or a willing accomplice, but spending the evening guiding your love through a series of clues and puzzles can mean lots of laughs.

Here is a list of some easy, creative dates for your long-distance relationship that are sure to bring you and your partner together. If you're thinking this is boring, you're so wrong. Bonus if the final clue leads him to an amazing gift or a naked Skype session.

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