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Proceed with force-enabling it at your own risk, benchmark if you aren’t sure.For more information on OMTC in Firefox read Mozilla Wiki: Platform/GFX/Off Main Thread Compositing.This section contains advanced Firefox options for performance tweaking.For additional information see these Mozilla Zine articles.Every object loaded (html page, jpeg image, css stylesheet, gif banner) is saved in the Firefox cache for future use without the need to download it again.It is estimated that only a fraction of these objects will be reused, usually about 30%.A good way to improve start-up and some other bookmarks and history related tasks is to defragment and trim unused space from these databases. See the main article: Font configuration Modifying the following value can help improve the way fonts looks in Firefox if the system's DPI is below 96.

If Open GL OMTC is disabled, you can force-enable it by going to Warning: If Open GL OMTC is disabled for a specific hardware, it may be due to stability issues, high system resources consumption, driver bugs or a number of different variables, and so instead of speeding things up it might slow them down.This is because of very short object expiration time, updates or simply user behavior (loading new pages instead of returning to the ones already visited).The Firefox cache is divided into memory and disk cache and the latter results in frequent disk writes: newly loaded objects are written to memory and older objects are removed.The default setting is to save the session every 15 seconds, resulting in frequent disk access.To increase the save interval to 10 minutes (600000 milliseconds) for example, change in Firefox keeps bookmarks, history, passwords in SQLite databases.

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