Error updating quickfinder indexes

This can be done by running GWCheck against the user account, only a Structure check is necessary.

In the resultant file look for the following information: Quickfinder: Pending jobs = 868995 Files = 59e67369.idx, 59ed0882In this example the user has 868995 items still to be indexed and the 59e67369.idx, 59ed0882are associated with the user.

Rebuilding the individual user's Quick Finder indexes still results in the [F03E] error.

Determine what and files are associated with the user database the error is being reported on.

Either way, I would complete a Top-Down rebuild on you Group Wise system. I agree there is some type of corruption in the message dbs, but make sure you run the GWcheck that comes with GW6 ( in the Software distribution\admin\...\gwcheck directory).

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This has been used in TJ reports to provide the infrastructure for manager reports.Now the index job appears to almost finish but then dies with an unknown error.Here is the log Indexing started at on 10/09/2008 Merge Incrementals started at on 10/09/2008 Indexing ended at on 10/09/2008 Total Time = 23,064 seconds or :24 (d:h:m:s)... Try launching the MTA manually and see if the error occurs again. Quick Finder index build errors Hi, we are having some trouble building a file system index on any of our volumes and was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on the matter!Not a great deal of help, but this is what it is define us QFERR_OUT_OF_RANGE "Beyond allowed range" //NGD //NGD F041 //NGD Description: Beyond allowed range (Class 4). Cheers Dave -- Dave Parkes [NSCS] Occasionally resident at Quickfinder index error Hi, I have a problem creating a new Quickfinder index.This is on NW6.5 sp5 and the index is of a branch on a local volume. I had a few problems where the SYS volume ran out of space during the index process but I have since expanded it to fix that.

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