East meets west dating club

Pavel lives with his husband Laco in Vienna and in Prague. Bankverbindung: FI48 7997 7997 7329 82, BIC: HOLVFIHH. East meets West Forum (EMW) - Gemeinnütziger Verein zur Förderung von Micro LGBT Geschäftsinitiativen in Österreich und Zentral- und Osteuropa. The Jewish-Indian wedding of the year, that’s what!

All of the action was captured by photographer, Ed Godden, and was written up below by Sharon herself. We also had in mind that we wanted the day to bring elements of both of cultures together.

The agenda is filled with a variety of topics, treated by international speakers who will not only cover specific subjects, but gradually they will lead you to a better understanding of the Conference’s theme.

It will become clear how also you can also contribute in giving the LGBTI business community the push to get their rightful part of the total business cake.

Founded in Vienna, Austria in 2013, East meets West (EMW) is a network of LGBTI professionals from Western & mainly Eastern Europe, allowing the exchange of ideas, share best practices and get mutual inspiration to improve the situation of LGBTI men and women in the different countries.

EMW Business pushes the development of local LGBTI business by driving initiatives and offering services: The next International Conference takes place on Friday, June 14.

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