East asian men difficulty dating

After all, few, if any people in the anti-Asian fetish camp would begrudge a woman the right to prefer tall men or chubby men, or whatever preferred physical characteristic as the case may be.

On the other hand, many people in the group that claims 'Asian fetish' is harmless may not approve of non-Asian men who date Asian women because of alleged cultural characteristics like submissiveness and a willingness to do all the housework without asking men to share the load.

Now is the more-cultural-than-physical 'preference' practised by this third group healthy?

I guess the answer might lie in the specific cultural traits that these people gravitate to, and also in the personality traits that occur more often among people who prefer Asians than among those who do not prefer Asians.

The so-called 'Asian fetish' (which typically targets only East Asians/Southeast Asians) has long been a hot topic of debate in interracial dating forums.

Some say Asian fetish' is just a harmless preference for specific physical characteristics, such as narrow eyes and flatter noses, as harmless as some people's preference for dating, say, fatter partners.

Of course, not all immigrants have the desired cultural attributes sought by these Westerners (Asian cultures are very diverse and in many cases, immigrant women are even more career-minded and 'untraditional' than their American counterparts), but let us just assume for the purposes of discussion that Western 'culture-seekers' do find a larger pool of people with the desired behavioral traits in this 'alternative market'.

Here we see a third group, distinct from those who like Asian physical traits but do not associate them with any behavioral characteristics, and also distinct from those who get turned on by the imagined association of physical traits with more abstract cultural qualities.

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Typically, the issue arises when the assertive, independent Asian American woman (who is culturally not too different from her non-Asian peers) is expected to conform to the fantasy image of a mysterious, exotic and submissive Oriental female.Perhaps this clash of expectations is not lost on some American men who prefer Asian women for their cultural traits.Many consciously make the choice to steer clear of Asian Americans and limit themselves to immigrants.Is this true, or is it just the PC thing to say to avoid being lumped together with those people who really do have Asian fetish, i.e.those who see their partner as an exotic turn-on based not just on appearance but also on allegedly linked cultural characteristics?

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