Duck duck goose dating

Along with his friends, The Jungle Bunch, he intends to maintain...See full summary » At the South Pole, the walruses install a rule of terror for the penguins.To hide from a sinister cat named Banzou, they end up sleeping with Peng after they see him fending off Banzou.Surprised by their presence, Peng ends up recklessly flying away from them before he breaks his wing with a gong.

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The two groups end up parting their own separate ways, as they try to get to their destinations.

Goose 2 then chases Goose 1 around and around the circle.

Then, the 'goose' will randomly call someone else the 'goose'.

Yellowbird is a teeny tiny orphaned bird that has never left the nest, has no family, yet desperately wants one - That is, until he finds himself leading a flock on their migration to Africa.

The united town of sheep and wolves lives a peaceful and quiet life until two unexpected guests turn up - a polar fox and a tiny ewe.

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