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He meets the man (whose picture bears a striking resemblance to George) who turns out to be gay with his partner Charles (John Michael Higgins), and invites him over for Thanksgiving dinner.However, Benny tells George that they never had sex, and that he is not the real father.In the end, Max doesn't go on the trip when George burns the check because the PTA called him poor.However, George and Max watch the launch at home on TV, but much to their joy the launch is canceled and they instead watch wrestling.

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Carmen has what George calls "jungle pits" and hairy legs.

George then has a dream that his bobbleheads tell him he is being too hard on Max and that Max might not like baseball. At a PTA meeting, Accident Amy (Sandra Bullock) becomes secretary and is in charge of candy sales for a trip to the Space Shuttle launch, who reveals that her daughter is in Max's class.

When George, Angie, and Max fail to make the quota of 0, the PTA moms demand that they write a check, but George refuses, partly because George doesn't believe they need to go to the Space Shuttle launch and partly because George has little spending money.

Meanwhile, George tries to prove to Angie that Max is not ready to walk to school on his own when Angie insists on George letting him do so.

Angie chastises George for telling Max fabricated stories about his deceased father, Manny (Esai Morales).

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