Debian updating to squeeze

The Mozilla Corporation stated that software with unapproved modifications could not be distributed under the Firefox trademark.

Two reasons that Debian modifies the Firefox software are to change the non-free artwork and to provide security patches.

The efforts of Skolelinux, Debian-Med and Debian-Accessibility raised the number of packages that were educational, had a medical affiliation, and ones made for people with disabilities.

In 2006, as a result of a much-publicized dispute, Mozilla software was rebranded in Debian, with Firefox forked as Iceweasel and Thunderbird as Icedove.

The Debian Stable branch is the most popular edition for personal computers and network servers, and is the basis for many Linux distributions.

Debian is one of the earliest operating systems based on the Linux kernel.

New distributions are updated continually, and the next candidate is released after a time-based freeze.GNOME Software is a graphical front-end for Package Kit, which itself can work on top of various software packaging systems.The Debian Free Software Guidelines (DFSG) define the distinctive meaning of the word "free" as in "free and open-source software".For example, the i386 port has flavors for IA-32 PCs supporting Physical Address Extension and real-time computing, for older PCs, and for x86-64 PCs.Debian offers different network installation methods. A minimal install of Debian is available via the netinst CD, whereby Debian is installed with just a base and later added software can be downloaded from the Internet.

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