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Lastly, I always look to nature for inspiration—the changing seasons and beautiful landscapes are the perfect inspiration when creating a wedding look.”In tonight’s premiere episode, Tutera is tasked with planning a bridal shower for Williams, who will be joining the cast of , Tori Spelling and her husband Dean Mc Dermott, and so many more!

Is there a piece of must-have advice that applies to both celebrity and non-celebrities who are planning an event? I would advise anyone planning an event to always have a surprise element.

Especially for her fans and followers, we are now uncovering the truth about Bonnie Bernstein dating history, and dating rumors along with her sexual orientation. Thus, we can confirm that she is single and is not dating now.Every host wants their guests to remember their party, but you certainly do not want them to remember going home hungry. It’s really amazing to take a raw space with nothing but a floor, four walls and a ceiling, and turn it into something extraordinary.Whether you’re handling the food or the caterer, there should always be a sufficient amount of food for your guests, and then some! There are so many moving parts when planning an event; it’s just like putting a puzzle together.“Fashion is a big one for me because it tends to be a season or two ahead of bridal styles and I can interpret upcoming trends in my own way.I also like to look at pop culture, which has a big influence on trends.

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