Dating women in indiana prison

Lots of things happened to me and my family during this time. But that doesn't mean that you will be with them during your incarceration. Mostly about how stupid you were and how people will treat you when you do get out. I have a significant other, 2 young adult children and my first grandbaby behind me on this.. I think they dropped my counts to 5 or something like that. The don't ask don't tell scenario applies here, but out of curiosity I couldn't help but know who I sat next to and ate with. I was a little socialite when I went in..leaving there made me a recluse. A lot of yelling, and on the other side of the dorm this girl got hit with a lock in a sock. She had a sweet disposition and I still don't know why she was doing time, but she let me borrow "Notorious 92" It was a book siting all 92 counties in Indiana with the most notorious killers.I had about 4 people I would talk to or "hang out" with. The guards, well, they sometimes are not the friendliest people. I'm kinda freakin out though and would love all input you care to give Grin, I do have input! I am in kind of a hurry now but I want to talk to you. After intake (which to me took forever all I wanted was some coffee! I became a midnight porter, and that was one of the best times in there. Even if that place was made for you to do nothing but think, it was hard to do just that with the noise. Come to find out after reading that I was locked up with 3 count em 3 of the most notorious in Indiana.(with a straight face lol) Because it isn't the lifestyle for me makes it not appealing to me..I made the best out of my time (I did the time and didn't let the time do me) I had some horrible days, and I had some really REALLY awesome days..please don't make this into something that's not discouraging. But I can see the revolving door aspect...because sometimes real life can suck and it's just an easier way of living. Granted I had hand me down headphones and watched movies and shows from a small tv screen but man was those movies good!That's why I really wish people like me would come out more about being in prison. We could go outside we could get passes and go to the library and humdingle are ways there. I knew people who got so much money on their books they would have a stock pile and run a store. I met a girl who was doing 30 years for a crack rock the size of a quarter.Recidivism is greatly reduced when an ex-offender has support from family or friends, to return to after incarceration.Our mission is to give inmates a sense of hopefulness by connecting them to people on the "outside world." Those from all walks of life have committed to our pen-pal service to communicate with inmates and have formed nurturing and unconditional friendships.Lots of things happened to me and my family during this time. Have you thought about maybe doing something like picking up a penpal?

one thing I had to get over in the years since I went was knowing why I was there and coming to terms with it being all my fault. Not saying the justice system was perfect but that judge is my savior!I have always longed to share my feeling while I was in there, how things are in a womens prison.I want to offer advice or answer questions about what it was like in there for me.I was actually on the show in one episode..pretty funny. I was convicted of 7 counts of theft, a class D felony. My grandparents were caretakers of a large cemetery here in Indiana.I was making a Ramon noodle in the microwave i took it out to stir it and didn't know they were filming Larrtha while she was talking on the phone. I don't know if my story is of use to anyone but I feel the need reach out to those who have questions. I have always felt ashamed and told no one about it. They lived on the cemetery gounds, so I know all about the death industry, how it works. Later about 7 months later I was arrested and charged with 7 counts of theft.

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