Dating sex sims

This is why dating sims are often called “Love Adventure Games” (恋愛アドベンチャーゲーム) in Japanese, or just “love games” (恋愛ゲーム).

In 1984, Sega created the first video game which entailed even a remote semblance of “dating.” The game was called “Girl’s Garden,” and it was only released in Japan.

You’ll also enter conversation with the girl, awkward as you’d expect given that you can’t even remember her name, trying to find out who she is and how you met.

But after a while you should find that you don’t care for the answer to the initial mystery.

Or how about a Hot Date Bundle, the latest collection of "visual novels, dating sims, and suggestive party games" from the bundlers over at Humble?

The Humble Hot Date Bundle is available until April 9.

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