Dating personality difference optimistic

Some say they absolutely make a difference in your attraction to another human, while others argue there's no concrete evidence to support those claims.

The thing they all agree on, of course, is something biological (as well as psychological) is at work.

If you distinctly lean toward the Type A personality, it might be a good idea to mellow on your get-up-and-go attitude.

And if you lean predominantly towards the Type B personality, it may be good to learn some things from Type As.

Scent is such a large part of attraction—so much so that there's scientific research to support that claim.

We wear perfumes to seduce, but our natural pheromones supposedly can attract others too.

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This personality type was found to be associated with the higher risk of developing heart ailments compared to the other type.We all have what you call an 'odor soup'—a whole combination of what you are and what you eat, how much exercise you get, your hygiene, and also all the products you put on yourself.We can have certain smells about us, no question about it, that turn people on or turn people off, but that's not the whole story." Similarly, Anami explains, "If either of you is taking pharmaceutical medication, it's going to mask your true scent.She continues, "There are four brain systems that are linked with personal traits: dopamine, serotonin, testosterone, and estrogen.Each one of these biologically based traits naturally draws you to certain personality styles.

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