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Additionally, you may have absolutely no interest in playing these games…and he may actually prefer to keep gaming as “his thing” (which is usually just fine if he still makes plenty of time for you).2. Although excessive computer gaming is often referred to as an “addiction”, it is not an officially recognized mental health diagnosis.

For the partners of people who are obsessed with video games, it feels as if they are being ignored or even abandoned in favor of their boyfriend’s or husband’s latest computer game obsession.

There are many problems with this “solution”, the most obvious being that it does not address the issue of choosing video games over your relationship.

The person is still defaulting to gaming when given a choice.

TRUE FALSE5) The work or school performance of my husband or boyfriend has suffered as a result of excessive computer gaming.

TRUE FALSE6) It is common for my husband or boyfriend to stay up past midnight playing video games – and he is often tired the next day as a consequence.

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