Dating men with vasectomies dating a guy 14 years older

The tanking economy is one of the biggest reasons—baby food is freaking expensive. “I did a bunch of research and realized there hadn’t been a lot of books written on this topic for a while,” Scott said in a phone interview.But last week, as I watched yet another poor sap on television slam chin-first into a padded wall, I wondered: why don’t other dudes want kids? “And most that had been written were for and about women, I guess under the assumption that, you know, motherhood is instinctual and fatherhood is learned.” So when Scott looked for respondents, she made sure she found some guys.Scott then ran the results through some fancy statistical analysis to identify what mattered most in a person’s decision to remain child-free.So, were there many differences between men and women in the reasons they cited? “The top three motives were pretty much the same.” For both men and women, the top-rated reason wasn’t so much about children as it was about marital satisfaction: “I love our life, our relationship, as it is, and having a child won’t enhance it.” That makes sense; relationships suddenly change when you have to wake up for 3 a.m.Perhaps as they grow older they may get questioned by their peers,” she said.But, she said, the pressure for men to have children can be greater in conservative religious communities or particularly pro-natal cultures—like Chinese or Indian cultures, for example—where producing an heir carries a lot of weight. Respondents ranked how they they identified with each reason on a scale from 0 (the lowest) to 5 (the highest).feedings or hire a sitter to get in some alone time.The second-highest reason for men: “I do not want to take on the responsibility of raising a child.” Eighty-two percent of men rated this a 4 or 5, compared to 70 percent of women.

And as the survey progressed, she found that “Men really had a lot to say in the decision-making regarding remaining child-free.” ♦◊♦ Scott says men and women feel the stigma against childlessness differently.

“Women tend to face more stigma for their choice to remain childless,” said Scott.

“And they tend to be more acutely identified with their childless status than do men.” “Young men particularly don’t really face a lot of stigma for not having children yet.

Sperm are impossible to detect without the use of a microscope.

The quality, intensity, and duration of a man"s orgasm and ejaculate should not change after a vasectomy.

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