Dating in 1950 s

In the fifties, they’d go to a malt shop, pizza parlor, bowling alley, or drive-in movie theater.

Today, indoor movie theaters may be more popular than drive-ins, but the same principle remains.

Teenagers on dates just go anywhere that is fun and not too expensive. Today, teenagers go on a few dates and then just become a couple, perhaps having an awkward “are we a thing? The rules of dating were far more clearly defined sixty years ago.

Back in the fifties, a boy would give his class ring, club pin, or varsity jacket to his date.

Although many things have changed, it really is not that different.Usually it was the club pin, which is why officiating their relationship became known as getting “pinned”.When a boy gave his pin to his date, it meant that they were officially a couple.Back then, dances were known as “sock hops” because girls would take off their saddle shoes and dance around in bobby socks – little white socks that were folded down on top.Nowadays, some girls still take off their shoes at the prom.

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