Dating girl flirts

Without being too judgmental here, I can say that a few girls are pretty fickle now and then.

If her boyfriend doesn’t give her attention, and another guy comes along and gives her his attention, she’ll fall for him or start liking him.

She loves hanging out with you when no one’s around. She stares at you discreetly from the corner of her eyes even when her boyfriend’s around. [Read: 18 signs both of you are having an emotional affair] #8 She misses you.

[Read: What you need to do when a friend’s girlfriend starts giving you her attention] 6 reasons why a girl may flirt with you even if she has a guy Girls and guys are pretty similar when it comes to attraction. But while a guy with a girlfriend tries to woo a girl, he does it because he wants to win her fancy or he’s sexually attracted to her. She wants your attention and she wants you to like her because she likes it. A girl with a boyfriend may want your attention just to convince herself that she’s still sexy and all that, and hot enough to win your attention. Perhaps, her boyfriend’s attention isn’t enough for her. But she’s dating a guy and she doesn’t want to lose him because she does think he’s a great guy too.

But a girl with a boyfriend could have many other reasons to get your attention. She wants an ego boost, and she’s using you to get it! She’s got a crush on you and she doesn’t plan on doing anything about it. Every now and then, you may come across this scenario where the girl with a boyfriend genuinely likes you and wants to date you.

So if this attention seeking chick is a perfectly happy girl in a happy relationship who’s just using you, swallow your moral conscience and use her back. Weigh your options, decode the kind of girl she is, and do the right thing even if it means just using her in return!

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