Dating get hard in playing teenage

You’re thinking of him, so you want to text him several times a day.

But until you know he’s equally as into you, hold off.

Communicate how you feel, but also pay attention to what you’re getting from him.

If he clams up every time you mention the future, he’s either uncomfortable talking about it (reasonable) or isn’t seeing a future with you (red flag).

Consider your behaviors from the past week with this man, including conversations you’ve had in person and via text or phone.

Are you the only one putting yourself out there, or is he equally in the game?

That’s why you want to cuddle afterward, where he wants to go to sleep or leave. You’ll be more sure of your feelings (not amped up on sex hormones) and know better what you want for this relationship if physical intimacy isn’t involved until a few weeks or even months into dating.

So…do you want to take the risk of falling for him faster until you know the feeling is reciprocated? Waiting to have sex can be tricky if he’s put off by the idea of waiting.

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Introduce him to a guy you know he might have things in common with, then check on him to make sure he’s having a good time.

If you don’t feel like he’s meeting you emotionally, pull back and pay attention to his actions.

You don’t have to master how to play hard to get in order to have a man fall head over heels for you.

For each of these tips on how to play hard to get, I’m comparing the advice your teenybopper magazine might have given you 20 or more years ago with real-life advice I’ve seen work for women who are over 40 and single.

Younger you might have ditched her friends to hang out with her guy nonstop. I’m betting that Bethany and Tiffers were pretty peeved that you were “that girl” who ditched them for a guy…only to come crawling back when you two split.

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