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In the Soviet narrative victims of the Trostenets camp have been incorrectly referred to as "Soviet civilians, partisans, resistance fighters." Even in Germany, there is little recognition of the many victims of World War II atrocities that took place in Eastern Europe, historian Ekaterina Makhotina from the University of Bonn told DW.

Makhotina says there's a lack of commemoration of Holocaust victims in Eastern Europe and Holocaust crimes that took place "east of Auschwitz." Two memorial sites in Trostenets Work began on the Trostenets memorial in 2010.

() The penalties for attributing Nazi crimes against Jews to Poland will no longer include a prison sentence.() The largest Jewish building project in Germany since the Holocaust, Berlin's Jewish Campus is set to break ground on Sunday.The site will accommodate some 500 children and is designed to instill hope.The IBB offices in Dortmund and Minsk played a central role in the inception and funding of the memorial.Financial donations were also made by the German Foreign Office, the German War Graves Commission and by the German municipalities from where Jews were deported to Trostenets during the Holocaust.

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