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"The higher quality the photo the more the person looking at the profile is going to have a sense that this is a high-quality person, even though you and I know that it has nothing to do with the actual quality of the person," Engle explained.Because photos are largely the only content that potential matches are looking at to analyze compatibility, dating app coaches believe that cultivating a unique personal brand — or visual story — out of your photos is essential.SDNTrust Accredited Dating Agency Singapore| Dating Events Singapore | Speed Dating Singapore Love Express organises over 200 social events a year and our calendar keeps changing every week to include new exciting ones!You would definitely find something that interests you.In many cases, dating app support services are selling the apps back to the app makers."One type of client we get is your stereotypical Bay Area man in tech who spent most of his adolescence relating more to books and computers and needs to beef up on skills and confidence," said Jessica Engle, founder and director of Bay Area Dating Coach, a coaching service for singles that operates out of Emeryville.Event feedback has been good with over 85% of "Excellent” and “Good” service ratings.What to expect at our events: - Group interaction with guaranteed rotations facilitated by accredited dating practitioners - Secret admiration and matching - Verified single status of all participants - Group gender ratio of 40/60 to 50/50.

Bao, who co-founded Get Set Date, a Bay Area-based dating consultancy, with her friend Maggie Hsu, is part of a burgeoning cottage industry that helps singles expertly curate their dating app profiles to up their prospects in the ways of romance.

One service, Introverted Alpha, offers a 12-week virtual intensive that promises to "Launch Your Dating Life." Improving a client's image is often described as an "iterative process." Dating app support services also approach the job with a lot of the same methodologies and data-driven techniques that Silicon Valley marketers use to optimize website traffic.

And if there's any kernel of truth about advertising in the tech era, it's that clean, eye-catching images and tight branding go a long way.

But in some cases, coaches will log into their busy clients' apps for them and do some swiping and messaging on their behalf, reasoning that real dating doesn't happen online but in person, and their objective as a counselor is simply to get the person on a date where the organic processes of attraction kick in.

Other actors in the industry draw a hard line on this matter.

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