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A woman came to diabetes class, distraught that her husband backed out of coming to her diabetes education visit at the last minute. I feel like I have to do everything on my own, and he is always fighting me on it.

If I am trying to stick to my plan, he tempts me by eating all the wrong things in front of me. How can I get my husband to support me in my efforts to stay healthy with diabetes?

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Will you leave your SO (significant other) because of diabetes? When you add a chronic illness into the mix of everyday problems, it can place undue stress on a relationship.

One woman sat in the clinic room with her “common law husband.” He seemed to be interested in her care, and said that he does some of the cooking and would like to attend diabetes education classes with her.

She criticizes every bite of food that I put in my mouth.

Being supportive of me is one thing, but I feel like she is always trying to be my boss.

Thank goodness I still had my job, but at age 70, I still have to work. If he had taken care of himself, he could have been here for us.

I miss him.” During initial Diabetes Self-Management Education sessions, the certified diabetes educator asks questions about a client’s level of family and community support.

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