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“With Nick’s guidance and some hard work my life has been completely transformed in much less than six months.

But not everyone lived in Los Angeles or could take off work/school for extended period of previous long term clients would be happy to tell you about their results! You get to ask all of your questions and we make sure you understand absolutely all of the material.We even give you an entire home program for FREE to make sure you have as much knowledge pre-installed in your head before you arrive.When the most beautiful women in the world go to let their freak flag fly high, you'll be there to meet, attract, and seduce them using a variety of laser accurate techniques taught by the elite of the industry. Due to the dedicated personalized attention, when a spot opens up for our VIP Las Vegas Immersion , it can sell out within days of announcement. Now I’ve been doing this long enough to be referred to as one of the “original gangstas” of pickup. 1) Demonstrating live that I have the goods to pick up women I just met... and I've even attended to officiating students' weddings.There was a time, believe it or not, when to be considered a dating coach, you actually had to prove yourself in-field, in front of plenty of witnesses... including hot blondes that are several inches taller than me and look way out of my league... In fact, in my line of work I have to be careful not to advertise the students who get laid during the program because I have to avoid this looking like a sex tourism event. you see a ton of “gurus” who won’t even show you their face and hide behind a powerpoint video sales pitch, hand you a crappy ebook, and never talk to you again.

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