Dating china culture

When she sits at the table to eat, she’s only as open as a book until her mother renounces her efforts.Throughout the film, Xu’s strayed relationship with her mother creeps to the foreground, introducing another bout of pressure these women face.If Xu finds a nice man at the festival, she’ll always be thinking of her parents’ approval.Dating culture doesn’t seem so forgiving when it involves social status.

She’s told by everyone that finding a man is what’s going to garner her happiness.

There are approximately 30 million more men than women in the country.

In return, this gender imbalance weighs in on tradition, what it means to start a family and the pressure put on women to fulfill this role.

Qiu Hua Mei is 34 years old and a successful lawyer.

Audiences first meet Qiu when she goes into a matchmaker’s office for an appointment.

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