Dating blacklist gary oldman winona ryder dating

Usually the last thing we do is to check for duplicates of either the profile text or the photo on other websites.

We may use search engines like Google to do this or other Anti-Scam websites.

That is why we have made public our database of fake profiles and scammers.

Scammers are usually lazy and when they need to post a profile to gain access to an online dating site, they'll just copy and paste an ad from another dating Website.

We can also see if the person used a proxy service to hide his/her location.

These are always suspect profiles and require a closer look.

Mostly, we use common sense methods that you can use yourself to spot suspect profiles.

Through both manual and automatic detection methods, we actively scan each new profile and if it seems fishy, we ban it and post it here.

Since no dating blacklist system is perfect, we do miss some of the fake profiles that are posted.

Every profile is summarized on a screen where a human operator checks it over.

If the software used in the first step found any issues, the suspicious information is highlighted in red for the operator to review.

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