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This treaty made the Crimean khanate independent of the Turkish sultan; advanced the Russian frontier southward to the Southern (Pivdennyy) Buh River; gave Russia the right to maintain a fleet on the Black Sea; and assigned Russia vague rights of protection over the Ottoman sultan’s Christian subjects throughout the Balkans.

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The Russians went on to win impressive victories over the Turks."When it comes to various kinds of sanctions against Georgia, I would not do it precisely out of respect for Georgian people." No flights for Georgia The ex-Soviet state of Georgia fought a brief war against Russia over two border provinces, Abkhazia and South Ossetia , in 2008.The conflict ended with Russia routing Georgian troops and setting up military bases on the disputed territory.Georgia caught up in Russia's geopolitical power struggle 'Nobody knew him before' Gabunia used numerous profanities targeted at the Kremlin chief, the most moderate of which included calling Putin a "stinking occupier" and hoping that the Russian president's mother and father were burning in hell.The outburst prompted a protest near the TV channel's HQ in Georgia on Sunday evening.

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