Dating a gymnast

The sensation posts tons of videos related to gymnastics, music, comedy vlogs and much more in her channel which has around 343K subscribers.She is a good friend with Annie Le Blanc who often appears in the videos on her channel.She began learning gymnastics since her childhood and used to perform in her school competitions.Similarly, Mia, who was also passionate about music, joined Musical.

Berlin met with Valorie Kondos, told her about her long-time dream to compete for UCLA, how the accident had cut short that dream and how much she wanted to return to the sport.Berlin herself plays an assistant UCLA coach in the movie, and was the stunt performer for her own character, played by Golja.Age doesn’t determine the success of a person; all she needs is courage and passion for making her dream fulfilled. Ly star, Mia The Gymnast has become a sensation over the social sites with her breathtaking videos.She is a four-time All-American and one of UCLA's most consistent athletes ever.She never missed a meet and persisted through nagging leg pain throughout her first two seasons, due to the rod in her leg from the car accident.

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