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Warning: The update may fail if there is a loaded media repository.

Instructions: Checking for a loaded media repository A cluster that is created and configured on a VIOS Version at or earlier must be migrated to version or prior to utilizing rolling updates.

This process requires access to openssl by the 'padmin' User, which can be accomplished by creating a link. Use one of the following methods to install the latest VIOS Service Release.

As with all maintenance, you should create a VIOS backup before making changes.

If a system firmware update is necessary, it is recommended that the firmware be updated before you update the VIOS to Update Release

Microcode or system firmware downloads for Power Systems The VIOS Update Release includes the IVM code, but it will not be enabled on HMC-managed systems.

The updated VIOS logical partitions cannot use the new SSP capabilities until all VIOS logical partitions in the cluster are updated.

Additionally, this means that after updating to or later versions of VIOS, Java 5 and Java 6 can be removed.If you are running a Shared Storage Pool configuration, you must follow the steps in Migrate Shared Storage Pool Configuration.Note : While running 'updateios' in the following steps, you may see accessauth messages, but these messages can safely be ignored. EN_US # Base Level Fileset rte 6.1.x.x # Base Level Fileset During update, there have been occasional issues with VIOS Rules files getting overwritten and/or system settings getting reset to their default values.If you have already encountered the issue, the following steps can be taken to recover: If you encounter this issue and do not feel comfortable attempting the recovery stems yourself, would like assistance or guidance from IBM, or encounter additional problems, please contact our support team for assistance.Be sure to heed all minimum space requirements before installing.

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