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We also have a Spanish version of this guide, Guía de Seguridad Digital para Feministas Autogestivas. Your casual internet browsing yields a treasure trove of personal data for anyone who can see what you’re doing.Websites often track your activity across the internet so they can collect marketing data: demographics, what your interests are, where you spend your time, and so on.You have power to set boundaries and protections in your digital spaces as you see fit: we hope that this guide will help you to make informed, personal decisions on what is right for you.of information here, so it can get a bit overwhelming!There is little in the way of accountability for companies and developers, all the while users are left with little support for the violence they’ve encountered, even being blamed for actions of a malicious attacker.You have a right to exist safely in digital spaces.As you can imagine, if this data is valuable to companies, it’s valuable to hackers and trolls too; it’s very easy to capture sensitive information like credit card data, physical location, or account data just by being able to monitor someone’s web browsing. If your internet activity is not encrypted, it is NOT private and you should assume that someone or something could see it.As you browse the web, think of it as constantly sending a multitude of open letters: anyone that positions themselves correctly can simply read them before passing them on to their intended destination.

These companies and developers frequently ignore or underestimate the digital threats to these spaces and their users.These threats to digital autonomy are gendered, racialized, queerphobic, transphobic, ableist, and classist in nature.The severity of these threats can have vast physical and psychological repercussions for those who experience them: they cannot be taken lightly.They could intercept your traffic and feed you fake websites in order to get valuable data from you!And even if you’re not using a network intentionally, just leaving your phone with wifi-enabled means nearby networks can tap into your phone and pull metadata about you without your ever trying to use their internet.

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