Crystalens accommodating lens

A more recent study further questioned the validity of this lens’s mechanism of action by demonstrating a mean 151 micron backward shift of the crystalens with pilocarpine 2% instillation Despite a lack of evidence supporting substantial axial movement of the crystalens, data from FDA clinical trials revealed that 26% of patients implanted bilaterally with this IOL were able to function completely without glasses, and 74% of patients were able to function either completely or mostly without glasses.These findings suggest that the accommodating crystalens is a viable alternative to multifocal IOLs in the appropriate patient.Accommodating IOLs may very well transform the practice of cataract and refractive lens surgery.This is because accommodative IOLs can potentially provide unaided near visual acuity without the optical aberrations and image degradation that may accompany multifocal IOL implantation.

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The Nu Lens incorporates a small chamber of silicone gel and a posterior piston with an aperture in its center that allows the gel to bulge relative to the forces generated by accommodation (Figure 6).The eyeonics crystalens is a 10.5 mm, hinged plate haptic silicone lens with a 4.5 mm optic (Figure 2).It is the only accommodating IOL that has been approved by the FDA.The Morcher Bio Comfold 43E is a single-optic/ring haptic lens.During accommodative effort, the ring haptics are brought together resulting in a forward axial movement of the optic with a resultant increase in the functional power of the lens.

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