Condoleezza rice dating george w bush

The diplomatic initiatives are compelling evidence that for Mr Bush's final months in the White House, it is Condoleezza Rice, the US Secretary of State, and the Pentagon chief, Robert Gates, who hold sway - not the neo-conservative champion, Vice-President Dick Cheney.

Tabloids wrote that Laura Bush had escaped from the White House after an argument with President Bush which happened because of his supposed affair with Condoleezza Rice.

They are both certain that they have rendered a huge service to their country.

They pretend that their marriage is still alive in spite of the fact that it was buried long ago.

Several senior Israeli figures have indicated recently that the Jewish state would consider go-it-alone air strikes against Iran's atomic facilities, although there is some doubt that it has the capability to mount the sort of devastating attacks that would cripple the nuclear programme.

Mr Goure said there was little enthusiasm for US military action against Iran in the last months of the Bush White House, even if Democrat Barack Obama wins the presidency.

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